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COVID-19 Policy

At Rolfeston Photography we aim to create a relaxed and engaging environment to guarantee the best possible shots, so we know it's important that you feel safe throughout the session. This being the case, we ensure that your photographer is wearing a face mask at all times, there will also be hand sanitiser used frequently and all equipment will be sanitised between photos sessions.

We will provide the option to review photo's immediately after the shoot (whilst maintaining face coverings on both parties) or remotely via the website - whichever approach you are more comfortable with.

We regularly review the latest Government guidelines (see below) and whether the session is taking place at your location or ours, we will always respect your requirements and preferences regarding sanitising, social distancing and keeping you and the photographer safe and comfortable at all times.

If you would like to discuss any of our measures in more detail,  please contact us before or at the time you make your booking.

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